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Orthodontics and clear aligners


For older children (11 yrs +) an orthodontic screening will be done to determine if the jaws and teeth are in an ideal position and if needed, we will refer them to an orthodontist for further orthodontic treatment. Screening is also done for adults where the aim of the braces is the same as for children. Namely

  1. Getting the best relationship between the upper and lower jaw as well as an ideal occlusal relationship.
  2. To improve the aesthetic appearance of teeth by getting them better aligned and in ideal position
  3. Improving the longevity of the teeth and joints and decreasing the risk of future dental problems
  4. Improving facial aesthetics

But for adults there is another objective which correlates to symptomatic treatment and that is that braces can be used as part of interdisciplinary treatment where it helps to prepare the position of teeth before more extensive prosthetic work is done.


For older children (11 yrs +) an orthodontic screening will be done to determine if the jaws and teeth are in an ideal positon and if needed we will refer them to an orhodontis for further orthodontic treatment.


What are clear aligners?Clear aligners are also known as “invisible/clear braces”. They are custom trays worn in a specific sequence which helps to move your teeth into a new position (this is done in stages). This is a gradual process and the aim is to move them into their optimal position (making your teeth straighter).

How does the process work?

  1. With your first visit we take an impression of your mouth, photos as well as a Panoramic x-ray
  2. We send the models to be analysed and a report gets sent back to us with treatment guidance (2weeks)
  3. A quote is compiled with an estimation of treatment time
  4. If the quote is accepted the lab is informed and the first aligners manufactured and fitted a week later

Every 14 – 28 days a follow up visit will be scheduled in which your treatment progress will be monitored and a new set of aligners given if treatment is progressing successfully

How long will clear aligner therapy be?
The aligners should be worn at least 22 hrs a day (only removed while eating), each stage takes around 14 – 20 days (a set) and there can be multiple stages involved.

Every case differs but the average treatment time is between 6 and 7 months ( anything between 2 to 12 months)

At what age can I get clear aligners?
16 yrs and up

How much does clear aligners cost?
Not all medical aids pay for clear aligners, but you are welcome to contact your medical aid and inquire. Aligner treatment cost differs vastly and can range from R20 000 – R35 000.

We have different financing options which range from debit or credit card to external dental finance companies (please have a look at our financing options).